When you give Gifts of Joy, you bring hope, practical help and lasting change to children and families living in poverty and crisis. Everything you see in our catalogue is an actual product or service Save the Children provides to children around the world and in Canada with the help of donors like you. Your gifts help children and families who are facing famine, climate change, conflict, COVID-19 or other crises with immediate, enduring and tangible solutions. Your gift can help to save their lives, improve their livelihoods and transform their futures.

  • Animals & Livelihoods – These Gifts of Joy provide food, warmth, and an opportunity for an income. Supporting family farms, helping families buy and raise animals, and supporting small business start-ups can break the cycle of poverty to give children the chance for a better future. Livestock is part of our integrated livelihoods solutions, which also include other items such as climate-resilient and nutrition-focused crops and seeds, fruit trees, fertilizer, honey bees, farming tools and wells. With each animal gift, we provide training for their care, veterinary support and vaccinations, as well as ensure the animals have access to enough food and water.
  • Education – With an education, children are better equipped to lift themselves, their families and entire communities out of poverty. Your gift of education helps a girl postpone marriage and pregnancy while empowering her to earn a future income. Your gifts of books, school supplies and even school lunches keep children learning, including those displaced in refugee camps or orphaned. The future we all share gets brighter with each child we educate.
  • Health – These Gifts of Joy can literally save lives! You can help care for orphans, and provide access to critical healthcare, preventative medicines, clean water and emergency provisions.
  • In Crisis – At this time of global upheaval due to conflict, increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic, your gifts for children and families in crisis are especially important. Your Gifts of Joy can help those living in some of the world’s harshest conditions to meet their basic needs when emergencies hit.
  • Gifts for Indigenous Children Here at Home – COVID-19 and the increasing number of climate emergencies in Canada have shed light on the inequalities Indigenous children already face. Disruptions to their education, social development and cultural support networks are negatively affecting their physical and mental wellbeing. Your Gifts of Joy provide essential resources to help Indigenous children cope with challenges and improve their mental wellbeing.
  • Where Needed Most – Your gift of any amount gives children and families lifesaving nutrition, health care, education, and livelihood support. You give hope to children and families who require urgent assistance, right when they need you most.

Our Promise:
Everything you see in our catalogue is an actual product or service Save the Children provides to children and families around the world with the help of donors like you. We're committed to honouring your generosity in the most effective way and are dedicated to giving every child the best chance for success. The gifts shown throughout our catalogue are representative of categories, such as livestock, education or health, but may change due to environmental, programmatic or economic considerations. Your donation will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most and will provide tangible solutions to help entire communities overcome poverty and achieve self-reliance.


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